It was a slow night - but we did have a divine appointment with a girl named M****. 

When we first got out on the track we saw M**** walking by herself. We continued driving around to see if there were any more girls out.

While driving' we saw a squad car at & Eleven, which wasn't a very good sign - that usually scares everybody away pretty quick.

But it didn't seem to scare the Johns away!!! There were tons of them and once they saw Julia and I (Laurie) walking they would slow down and the way they looked at us, we KNEW that they were looking for girls. Ugh.

We wanted to get to talk to M**** - we saw her turn down a side street while two guys (young guys, probably in their mid 20's) walking in the opposite direction, notice her and turn around. They followed her down the street, and, well... let's just say, they did business.

Julia and I circled the block, saw M**** coming back up across the street with the two guys following her not too far behind. I waved at M**** and asked her if I could give her a gift bag. She looked at me with a funny look on her face and asked, "Why?" and just stood there. When Julia and I made it across the street she asked again "Why?"

I said, "We want to give you this bag and let you to know that you're special to God." 

She immediately softened and said, "I'm sorry for talking like that." I laughed because it wasn't like she said anything but "Why?" and I said that I didn't blame her because probably we looked like we were stalkers or something. Lol.

I introduced myself to her and told her that I used to prostitute... she asked, "what church do you go to?" I told her and then I asked her if she had a pimp and why she was working and she said that she had a son. I asked her how old her son was and she said, "four DAYS." Both Julia and I were pretty taken aback.

To hear that was heartbreaking!!! I wanted so much to (immediately) help her somehow... she asked if she could have my number, I gave it to her on one of our matchbooks and she said that she would call me today. I wanted to get her number so I could call her, but she said she didn't have a phone at the time. Please pray that she calls!!!

Another John pulled up and she said that she had to go but that she would call me - and she also said, "I do want to change my life..." and then she walked away and got into the John's car.

:-( Please pray for her, and continue to pray for J****** - I tried calling her number and it was disconnected. Ugh!!!