"I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me." Galatians 2:20

This whole week I battled whether or not to go on outreach, I haven't felt this tired in a long time and for me being tired inevitably means migraines and I certainly like to avoid them at all costs. The last few times we have been out it has been abundantly clear that we need to go out later just as we used to because there are so many more girls out at that time. Admittedly it was nice going out at 9 and getting home by midnight or 1am, certainly made things more comfortable. The Lord asked me a few things: did I believe that it was His strength that allowed me to do all things? Was I wiliing to die to myself that others might live? yes, yes, yes Lord.... and so here our story begins

The rest of the team had a night of fellowship together before I arrive I heard rumors of Denny's and Yogurtland...seems a lot of food was involved. I know that they had a blessed time of prayer at home with Melissa and Darryl before they left and met up with me. Who is this team you ask? Most of the regulars; Laurie, Jen U., Johnny and then a newcomer Everette. 

At midnight the 5 of us set out... throughout the night we met so many people I will definitely not get the order correct so I will just tell their stories as I remember them. 

We saw a group of men standing around a car with one woman on the outside whome we had met before D***** and one woman on the inside L***. We were able to give them gift bags and bags for their kids and they were really excited about those because they said they couldn't really afford to give them anything so it was a blessing. We gave the men pimp tracks but then we realized they probably weren't pimps, but it's ok because I'm sure they understand the language to some extent and Lord willing He will use it. 

J****** was smoking something other than a cigarette and though a bit evasive at first she did open up to us and we prayed for her on the oppositie corner. 

J****** was sweet but like most of the girls we met tonight, nervous and evasive, but she was open to us which is a blessing. Seemed like all the girls were really being watched tonight, more than usual from my experience. 

T****** was on her way to meet her pimp and was nervous but still let us pray with her which was such a blessing, her heart was soft and we exchanged numbers. When she left us she met her pimp who sent her back in our direction, once we spotted him we decided to go talk to him.

On the way we met S****, she was a heartbreaking sight; wearing next to nothing and definitely on something, she was incredibly thin. She said we could pray for her but not right there but then she gave us some direction as to where to find more girls, this later turned out to be very fruitful. 

Then we finally caught up with the pimp who was watching us the whole time, he was very nice, they usually are, but while he took the track from us he sort of just rushed right by. 
Next we talked to one of his other girls C*******, who was so beautiful! She seemed open to talking to us, but he called her within 30 seconds and told her to move along or something like that so we didn't get too far. 

At this point we headed to the gas station where the famous, at least as far as Laurie is concerned, carne asade is and she had a little snack and made friends with once again the pimp from before J**** and some of the guys who were working with him, one named D********.

Next we took S****'s advice and headed down a little further than usual on the track and met C*****, this for me was possibly the whole reason we were out there last night. She was broken and hurting and we talked for a long time about what her options would be if she wanted to get out. It was sweet because she was really honest about everything, I love that, no pretenses. Pray that she will hate her sin and desire freedom and that she will run towards it. Pray that we will be able to stay in contact with her or that she will find another way to get out, a permanent way. We prayed with her for awhile and tried to offer her comfort... only Jesus will do, just Jesus. 

We decided to drive the track once more before heading home and good thing, there was a John Jam on every corner at the other end. We were able to hand out several gift bags and talk to some girls, I'm especially remembering F*** who was excited that we loved Jesus and C***** who was with her. They asked us "aren't you scared to be out here?" Laurie answered, "no, we have Jesus." amen. 
We also ran into A***** who we had met several weeks before who I just called beautiful because well, she is. Laurie and the guys got to share with her, praise Jesus. Needless to say this scene at 3am confirmed to us that we do in fact need to be out later than we have been. 

The Lord blessed us richly as He always does, He sustained us and today His mercies are new. Thank you so much Jesus, we love You. 

For His glory,
Jen C