I realize it has been a while since I have let you know about outreach on the streets - that is because we have taken a break for quite some time now. Someday I hope to fill you in on all that has been happening in these last few months - things have been crazy, but God has been working and He is faithful!

This last week though we went out on the streets of Hollywood again!! It felt so good to be back out there. We met up at 2:30am - the only people who were out at that time were street people, a few druggies and all the club goers on their way home. It was Laurie, a new guy named Andy and myself. We stopped at 7/11 to get coffee (obviously...although they did NOT have my blueberry!) and prayed in the car. Then we drove up and down the track for a while to scope things out and observe to see when the girls would start coming out. Once we saw a few we parked the car to get out and walk the strip.

A little after parking the car, a young lady came walking by. Laurie got out of the car with a gift bag and introduced myself. She asked her if she could give her a gift bag and she said "for what?" Laueir told her "because you are special" and she said, "who's this from?" and Laurie replied, "Jesus." The girl looked more than a little confused. She was also very wary of her surroundings checking over her shoulder looking all over the place so Laurie just told her that we didn't want her to get in trouble and to be careful out there.

In just a matter of minutes after that girls started coming out from the darkness. First we ran into two, then another two - then another five! We were only able to talk to two out of the five but were able to give both of them bags and a quick hello. There were probably at least 10-15 girls out - if not more. The last two girls we spoke with declined prayer but one ("BD") said laughingly, "Please pray that I make a million dollars so I don't have to do this no more..." The other one "C" said we had met before. For the life of me I don't remember - and I think I'd remember those EYES. But I'll remember from now on. So young, so beautiful.

Then a car pulled up and another girl got out, warning the other girls, "Five O! (Police) Five O down the street!" and the girls all scattered like cockroaches when a light turns on.

When we started walking back to the car we saw one black and white squad car and then an undercover officer talking in a parking lot. We knew that the night was over, at least for us. It is nice to be able to do ministry in Hollywood now rather than driving to Compton. Things are ever changing in this game and in this city...but the need for the commodity never changes. We will continue to build relationships with these girls - they were all unfamiliar "new" faces. Young faces.