This book is a raw and honest look at the truth of prostitution in the United States. It is not for the faint of heart and does not hold back in describing in detail the underbelly of one of the worlds most controlled and vulgar criminal organizations. You will read the true story descriptions of physical and emotional violence that will force you to put the book down and weep for these women and the oppression they’re slaves to.

Author Julian Sher takes you through a journeyed look at two particular women – how they got caught up in the game, how they got caught up in the juvenile system, and how hard it was for them to attempt to get away from their pimps. It gives you a detailed look at the brainwashing, manipulation and isolation that takes place in The Game of prostitution. Sher also look at some of the difficulties facing organizations like After Hours, and some of the other wonderful organizations we work with like Dream Center and Walter Hoving Home as well as the LAPD in seeking to assist these women or provide them protection.

But the book also gives you hope. Hope that one person within a system who cares enough to push for changes can make a difference. Hope that these women really can turn their lives around if they get the resources they need. And hope that the tides are turning and something can be done.

Although difficult to read, I recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn the language of the game, the detailed intricacies of running various circuits across the country, and the brutal details of abuse and violence that takes place behind closed doors. For anyone interested in becoming more aware and educated about prostitution and the truly devastating impact it is having on women across America as well as some of the reasons it is so difficult for these women to get out and how they get caught up in it to begin with. Sher has written a book to educate, challenge and motivate you to action.