Each week our team hits the streets of Los Angeles to reach out to men and women involved in street prostitution. Every week we see God do miraculous things and answer prayers we barely dared to utter. Each week is different too... some seem busier than others, some more intense, there are always new faces.

Often we write and share with you about women who we've helped escape the life and the details of the dramatic rescue. But what you need to know is that we are seeing women make decisions right there on the streets on Friday nights. Whether temporary or permanent, decisions are being made that display the power of the Holy Spirit, sometimes we just walk up and we see the change happen.

There are a couple of stories from this last week I'd like to share with you...

N: She was one of the last women we met that night. Two of our volunteers approached her and gave her a gift bag. She quickly revealed that she did not customarily come out there to work but that she was desperate because she didn't have enough money for diapers for her son. Our volunteers shared with her about God's ability to provide and that we would even be willing to help with diapers. She admitted she knew she should not be out there....did not want to be out there... and immediately left and went home. Praise God with us for the choice she made that night and pray that she will not have to make that choice again. I don't know about you, but I've never even come close to feeling so in need that I would consider selling my body. Sure, I've had months where I didn't know how I was going to make ends meet only to watch God provide at the last moment but even in that I always knew I could call my parents or siblings if I really needed help. Imagine being so alone that you have no one to call for help to meet such a basic need.

A: While half the team was talking with N, myself and another teammate met A. She was young and a little nervous (fearing we were cops as most of the women do). Once she heard me offer her a gift she completely melted. "You guys are angels!" She was in shock that we had come there for her. And the next thing she said nobody could argue with, "Maybe this is God telling me to get off the streets?!" Well, I know there are a lot of other things God has to say to her such as, "You are my beloved." "You are forgiven." "I am the same yesterday, today and forever." "I have the power to raise the dead to life." I could go on and on but I am also sure that He clearly wants to communicate to her that this is not the life He has chosen for her. Would you pray for A and many of the women like her, who have a knowledge of God and even a sense of accountability to Him but are not walking in the power of His Spirit. His Spirit is able to set us free, able to lead us, comfort us, change us completely.

I guess what I'm trying to communicate is that we aren't just a bunch of dare devils kids who go to the ghetto at night and handout gift bags because its cool or we'll get some kind of reward for it. We are believers in Jesus. The same Jesus who died a horrific death for our sins and rose from the grave. We believe that same power is available through Him today and that He is willing and able to resurrect lives right in front of our faces. And it's not always some big dramatic scene.... she may simply turn around, and go home.

"Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live." John 11:25