You could say tonight began like any other night...we all met up at Laurie and Daryl's and went from there to 7-11 to pray. There were 5 girls tonight and true to form we began the night with being goofy and giggling a lot... even though we faced some hard realities tonight, our sense of joy never left and we simply enjoyed our fellowship as we were out. Some of us even got new nicknames which I could never explain in an adequate way on this blog so I won't even try. :)

When we first hit the track we saw a few girls here and there and at least 3 saw us and disappeared (sometimes...ok, almost all the time, they think we're cops and they run :/ ). Then we saw a group of three girls and Julia, Katie and Lindsey went to talk with them and give them gifts. They recognized them and were friendly but said they didn't need prayer. Katie remembered one of their names (cause she's awesome!) and the girl was blown away, praise God!

The next girl we talked to was approached by Katie, Lindsey and Julia as well and they walked with her for awhile and she began to open up, she had also seen us out there before. She said she wanted to get off the streets right then, but as they continued talking (and she found out they were serious!) she began to back out and told a story about moving back to Georgia where her parents are... it was hard to discern which parts of the story were true. The girls prayed for her and she continued on her way.

The last girl we met absolutely broke my heart, she was 14. At first she looked sort of weirded out by us (Jen and I were talking with her) then I thought she might cry. As she talked about her family and her life I could tell she didn't have a lot of hope and didn't believe much for her future. I asked her if she had a relationship with Jesus, she said yes. I asked her if she knew he loved her and she hesitated a little. I asked her if it was sometimes hard to believe that He loved her because of all she experienced, she said yes. I told her that His love was real so much that He sent us to tell her about it and to offer her hope. She definitely started opening up to us as we continued talking and then I asked her how she got there and soon discovered she wanted to go home but needed a ride, so we took her home. I do believe she was working out there but it was a little bit of a strange situation. Either way, praise God for the conversation we had and that we were able to take her safely home! Once we got her home, I prayed with her and said goodbye.

By this time it was getting late and we were way off our normal track so we decided to head home...but not without a few more laughs on the way ;) Praise God for the joy He gives!

Please continue to pray for these women and for After Hours Ministry, thank you!