Popular culture often makes pimping out to be easy, glamorous, even desirable. It Isn't.
We offer help for men looking to leave the game. We want to come alongside and connect with you through non-judgmental friendships, while offering resources, accountability, and life coaching.
You CAN have a future of hope, peace and love outside the game.


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Accountability, Support 

  1. Sex Offender Resources – counseling and employment resources
  2. Sex Addicts Anonymous

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General Addictions

  1. Alcoholics Anonymous – National Hotline 212-870-3400
  2. Narcotics Anonymous - National Hotline 818-773-9999
  3. Drug Abuse Rehab Center (inpatient or outpatient) 855-605-4800
  4. Online Recovery Resource Dictionary – 855-900-9468
  5. MentalHelp.net (inpatient and outpatient) – 888-315-5649

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Legal Aid

  1. Christian Legal Society – nationwide referral directory for legal assistance
  2. Christian Legal Aid of Los Angeles- 323-319-3559
  3. Legal Aid Foundation of LA – 1-800-399-4529
  4. WTLC - 714-992-1939 ext. 134 or 114, Orange County, make appointments for legal advocacy or immigration services, Personal Empowerment Program classes

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  1. LA Department of Mental Health (DMH) – 1-800-854-7771

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